Corporate Partner Launch

Accelerate, Expand & Improve Your Corporate Partnering

Corporate Partner Launch is a low-cost, no risk 8-week program that delivers tangible and immediate impact.  You get to leverage PreFlight Ventures’ 30 years of experience and 75+ deals in corporate partnering, and our global network of experts and corporate allies.  We serve as a catalyst, coach and hands-on deal pursuer to jumpstart and guide your corporate partnering efforts.

Whether you already have CPs interested or not, we will help you:

  • Increase the likelihood of a deal happening
  • Pursue additional CP targets; and tighten qualification process
  • Significantly increase the dollar value of the deal, incl. upside $ options
  • Make the deal “smarter” (minimize risk, hold CP accountable)


You receive hands-on action, novel approaches, tactical techniques and tools, including:

  • Leads to potential corporate partners
  • Corporate Partner Map
  • CP Scorecard
  • CP Strategy & Recommendations
  • Deal Strategy, Valuation & Structure
  • Negotiating Tips and Support
  • Presentation materials / Phone & email scripts
  • Document Review & Recommendations
  • Coaching and education
  • Challenge Tasks
  • CP Ladder progress chart (“path to a deal” roadmap)