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RICK KING (MBA, Harvard Business School; B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts) has 37 years of experience working with new ventures, investors, corporate partnering, commercialization and intellectual property (IP); and is a passionate coach/advisor and international speaker & workshop leader.

Rick has worked with over 180 technology start-ups; helped raise $600 Million; and negotiated over 75 licensing, partnering, funding and M&A deals in medical devices, clean technology, biopharma, software, Internet, electronics, chemicals, mobile devices, communications, factory automation, advanced materials, computer simulation and food products…      Complete Bio

Corporate Partner Network

In addition to having relationships and connections to hundreds of corporates looking for small companies to team with, PreFlight Ventures is uniquely adept at getting access to virtually any company at multiple levels (operating division, business & corporate development, R&D/engineering, product marketing, executive, legal).

Allies & Industry Experts

Broad range of access to people and organizations with expertise, contacts and market knowledge:

Hundreds of entrepreneurs & angels

Dozens of VC/Private Equity firms, law firms

Consultants in all fields

100+ incubators, universities, research centers/labs

Corporate execs, company owners, retirees, MDs, PhDs…