Comments / Testimonials

Sample comments about our Coaching and Services:

  • “Got my juices flowing”
  • “Group interactions very helpful”
  • “Liked the instructor’s enthusiasm most of all”
  • “Addressed real-world tangible business problems”
  • “Liked the instructor’s enthusiasm most of all”[/learn_more]
  • “Strong group discussion and unique solutions to business problems”
  • “One of the best workshops ever been to”
  • “One of few presenters ever heard whom I wanted just to keep talking and talking”
  • “The presenter’s knowledge of the commercialization process was truly impressive”
  • “Enjoyed your approach of getting the audience focused on their own initiatives”
  • “Excellent teaching skills”
  • “Thank you for re-lighting the fire in me”
  • “Presenter created a great forum for others to interact, with much greater benefit”
  • “Caused me to crystallize our business mission”
  • “Great spontaneous speaker”
  • “Can’t think of anything I didn’t like”
  • Would attend the same workshop again…wish it were longer”
  • “Interactive and open dialogue”
  • “Opened my eyes”
  • “Fantastic speaker”
  • “Excellent people interaction and exchange of ideas”
  • “Lively, informative, relevant”
  • “There’s an inspiring spark burning bright within you that lights the hearts of others”
  • “Very, very excellent”
  • “Presenter’s style of weaving the audience together was very effective”
  • “Your obvious preparation to customize this to our situation was tremendous”

What Entrepreneurs Say about PreFlight Ventures / Rick King:

“The return on time invested in the workshop is phenomenal. Even experienced entrepeneurs and executives will come away with dozens of improvements to their story that would otherwise have to be learned the hard way through many painful ‘live fire’ experiences.”
– Tory Gattis, Stewart Automotive Systems

Our Annual Investor Forum was a resounding success, and we got many compliments from investors on the quality of our presentations. This seminar was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to our entrepreneurs. Having seen their presentations both before and after your input, I am certain that they would not have had as much investor interest had they not attended your workshop. Not only did the entrepreneurs all rave about the value that they got from the critiques of their own presentations, but they recognized the value of watching others and hearing your feedback to them. As I watched the presentations at the Forum, I saw your influence in each presentation.
– Keith Lowe, Alabama Information Technology Association

“I, along with everyone in the room, was very impressed. You were really teaching by example (practicing what you preach).”
– Matthew Tarler, Cleveland Medical Devices

“Excellent Workshop! Your knowledge of the commercialization process was truly impressive.”
– David Kragman, IM Systems

Thank you for a terrific job. Your passion and desire to see us all succeed in our entrepreneurial ventures is clear. You made terrific suggestions, and I hope we can all make the small adjustments necessary to become more effective.
– Aris Persidis RHeoGene LLC

“The Art of Telling Your Story” has been the turning point in many of our clients and visitors young business lives. Rick’s energy and enthusiasm is carried over into the workshops creating a productive interactive environment where participants can voice their opinions and conclusions. His ability to communicate with the presenters, as well to interact with them before, during, and after the event makes him an asset to the small business community.
– Chris Willisson, BizTech Small Business Incubator

“The information and advice you gave was very beneficial. Your enthusiasm was very inspiring.”
– Julia Lewis, Olson Management Group

“I didn’t even present, yet your comments and suggestions to the presenters were the most helpful of any that I have heard or received. My business plan and presentation need your magic touch.”
– Gary Leslie, Colorlink, Inc.

“The Art of Telling Your Story,” was absolutely the best thing that has happened to me since I’ve been at my local incubator. You’d have been so proud of me at the venture forum. I rearranged the slides after you pointed out my strengths and what I should lead with. I created a few new slides and tossed many of the old ones after that session, and it turns out you were right! Person after person (including those difficult “peers”) commented afterwards that mine was the best presentation of the day.
– Terry L. Heaton, Ansir Communications Inc.

“I really enjoyed attending the workshop, it was a great opportunity to see first hand, reactions to our presention, pros & cons about it. Also very interesting hearing about other companies and seeing their ways of presenting.”
– Betsy Baker Landry , Hynomics Corp.

“You provided an enlightening speech for lunchtime entertainment. Your topic and specific examples relative to the growth of small companies genuinely struck home.”
– Kevin Bobier, Nova Engineering

“Most value added program ever attended!”
– Attendee

More Comments from Entrepreneurs…

  • Changed completely what and how we present
  • Time at the workshop was time very well spent.
  • Learned from other presenters.
  • We have put what we learned at the workshop to good use.
  • I would love to send another person from our company so they can get the experience and practice that the workshop offers.
  • Some of the lessons we learned at the workshop really have stuck and we refer to them often, for example “the art of raising money is the art of reducing risk.”
  • We also learned some things about what not to do from some of the other presenters.
  • All the stuff Rick commented on we took very much to heart.