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LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rick-king/0/202/b13

  Rick King (MBA, Harvard Business School (1983); B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts (1979) has 39 years of experience working with small businesses, large corporations and new ventures in business development, strategic partnering and commercialization; and is a passionate coach/advisor, workshop leader and speaker with a unique personal touch.

With 4 successful start-ups of his own, Rick has exited technology businesses, and held technical, marketing and business development positions at Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble and small high-tech companies. In addition to many global projects, he worked in Europe with HP, and has been active in over 100 corporate alliance projects.

Generate cash and nondilutive financing through strategic alliances, and access to new customers and distribution channels.

Rick has worked with over 125 technology start-ups; helped raise $650 Million; and negotiated over 70 licensing, partnering, sales/distribution, marketing, product development, funding and M&A deals in medical devices, clean technology, biopharma, software, Internet, electronics, chemicals, mobile devices, communications, factory automation, advanced materials, computer simulation and food products. (see Deal Examples)

Also deliver new cash to business owners for growth and generosity through tax credits/incentives and cost reduction.  Over 80% don’t know they are entitled to these or don’t have the time/resources to pursue.

Along with accelerating growth, I team with businesses and non-profits/ministries on novel “generosity experiences” that build employee and customer loyalty, while helping people in need.


Married 36 years.  Two married daughters (working in healthcare and special education, with passion to love God by loving people).  One adopted an abandoned Chinese boy.  Wife (a nationally-recognized educator) is the Principal of one of the largest public high schools in NC.

Rick coached youth sports for 20 years. A deeply committed and active believer in Jesus Christ, Rick has helped start and served as a board member of several nonprofit organizations for youth ministries; one serves disadvantaged kids, teachers and schools with character education & physical health (80,000 kids). Regular volunteer in nursing homes doing reminiscence therapy and bible telling.  Involved in other discipleship ministry activities.

Additional Business Background

Rick has deep experience, rigorous skills and a broad contact network in all aspects of commercialization, sales and partnering: Product development; customer fit; accelerating products to market; channel strategy & market access; negotiating; client relationships; deal structure/term sheets/contracting; financial; team building; capital investment; legal; milestone projects; manufacturing; intellectual property.

He has negotiated a variety of business arrangements (angel/venture capital, licensing, co-development, joint venture, OEM, spin-off, distribution and acquisition) encompassing traditional and novel deal structures. Rick has led scores of business planning, sales & investment efforts involving due diligence, strategy, market assessment, valuation and deal closure. He also teams with investment groups, government technology programs, consultants and business incubators.

As part of his focus on the #1 success factor for tech ventures (Corporate Partners), he also works with large and small firms to provide training, technology strategy, R&D scouting and commercial assessment to build strategic partnerships and make investment decisions.

Has substantial experience with angel/VC/corporate investing, along with private equity and investment banking.

Rick has authored two well regarded guidebooks, “Making Money With Your Technology” for commercializing technology; and “The Art of Telling Your Story.” The first came out of a year-long analysis & interviews of high-tech companies; examples and tips to improve new venture success.

Developed an Internet-based management tool called Innovation Insights, to improve how corporations practice technology innovation and how to team with ventures & entrepreneurs. Also created & built an online venture/technology database system called Discovery.

A guest speaker at conferences, incubators/angel groups and corporate programs (worldwide), Rick conducts workshops and panels on technology management, innovation and entrepreneurship. His dynamic interactive workshops include “The Art of Telling Your Story” which helps people present their ideas, their business and themselves to investors and corporate partners.

His work has appeared in leading business school textbooks, Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and others. Research/wrote HBS case study – Hewlett Packard: Challenging the Entrepreneurial Culture. Also did special study/report for the Harvard Business Review on small companies.

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rick-king/0/202/b13