What People Say & What to Expect

What to expect and what people say about working with Rick King/PreFlight Ventures:

  • Highly responsive to your needs & requests
  • Opens doors & contacts that most people would never even try
  • Fast action / Learns fast / Hits ground running
  • Focused on getting products to market ASAP
  • Direct & honest straight up communication / No surprises
  • Gathers hard-to-get information / Asks creative questions
  • Gets you to think in new ways, and to accept reality
  • Always follows up and closes loops
  • Creative & collaborative negotiation
  • Deep passion to help people
  • Tenancious / Hates giving up
  • Outside the box, in several ways
  • Customer application driven
  • Energy & enthusiasm / Catalyst
  • Understands & has lived what entrepreneurs experience daily
  • High integrity (to the point of taking personal hits and $$ loss if required)
  • Coaches entrepreneurs by challenging, teaching and encouraging them
  • On-the-fly strategy & coaching
  • Cares about people personally / Openly shares

What some entrepreneurs we helped do deals said about PreFlight Ventures:

Marvin S, Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc.
David Jablon, Phoenix Technologies
Chris Albro, The DataMart, Inc.

Jonathan Mitchell, Concentric Development (nonprofit)