Corporate Partnering

The #1 Success Factor for Tech ventures

How Corporate Partners (CPs) change the trajectory and risk profile of technology ventures:

1.  Get non dilutive cash: $1-5 Million.  Reduce need for financial capital and ongoing dilution hits.

2.  Accelerate market access & broad distribution, resulting in more sales & profitability sooner.

3.  Receive product development funding, resources, technical & market expertise, and in-kind support
to finalize commercial product and define best paths to market.

4.  Greatly improve ability to raise funding, and at better terms and higher valuation.

5.  Develop products for and sell into multiple market segments/applications.  Plus global CPs are
essential to selling to international customers.

6.  Preemptive market strike:  Quickly establish your brand name.  Achieve broader industry presence
and market leadership.  Pre-empt the competition.

7.  Collaborate with CPs to win government contracts (more non dilutive funding).

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