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Note: These involved non dilutive cash, co-development, in-kind support, funding, IP, prototyping, strategic selling, market assessment, distribution, valuation & negotiation, financial/economic analysis, clinical feedback, regulatory and/or manufacturing.

   IT, Energy, Advanced Materials and Other Technologies

  • Strategic sales alliances with infrastructure engineering firms and ESCOS (energy engineering & finance); and capital equipment sales to municipal utility customers for renewable energy water technology.
  • Product and distribution alliances with major industrial automation companies and system integrators in Europe and Asia.
  • Co-development, distribution & non dilutive cash with major global companies for wireless camera products.
  • Japanese, European, Chinese and Korean distribution alliances for mobile software.
  • License, with cash infusion, for thermal resistant material by leading safety materials company for use in fabrics for fire protection and hazardous materials handling.
  • Acquisition of an encryption security software start-up by leading supplier of PC BIOS.


  • OEM, co-development & distribution of advanced analytical instruments – pharma and chemical apps.
  • Strategic alliances and non dilutive funding with leading OEMs for an energy management system.
  • Product development teaming and strategic customer installations with a leading Israeli company for a novel clean energy system.
  • Sale of materials patent portfolio for computer display systems.
  • Establish sales & distribution channels with software retailers, distributors, resellers/VAR and system integrators for PC software tools.
  • Co-development, licensing and funding from Asian companies for mobile user interface technology.
  • Co-development with a spin-off of a major chemical company to develop membranes/MEAs for use in stationary fuel cells.  Also received funding and co-development from major semiconductor supplier.
  • Partnering and acquisition of a leading green/sustainable business Internet portal and jobs site.
  • Investment and co-development by a leading semiconductor manufacturer to develop advanced power technology for notebook PCs.
  • Acquisition of venture & software intellectual property by one of world’s largest B2B media companies.
  • Funding and co-development for semiconductor process & devices with leading equipment supplier.
  • Joint venture between a major computer firm and Japanese robotics company for electronic assembly.
  • Strategic alliance with NASDAQ to license new Stock Indexes for financial instruments targeted to the stock prices of the leading green technology public companies.
  • Manufacture and license of nanofiber materials to leading chemical companies for automotive applications.
  • Assisted in evaluation and sale/license of patent portfolio for manufacturing consumer products (thermoplastic joining technology).
  • Bundled software with marketing/distribution alliance with a major publisher.
  • Field trial and purchase agreement of advanced power technology by largest US cable TV provider.
  • Strategic selling of training and materials for education and youth markets; direct, distribution channels, bundling and alliances.
  • Distribution arrangements for an information services company that provides industrial plant sales leads to equipment suppliers and engineering firms.

   MedTech/Healthcare/Healthcare IT

  • Misc. projects: Medical devices applied to bronchoscopy, anesthesiology, emergency medicine,  GI Endoscopy, dental, ophthalmology, vaccines and radiosensitizers.  Also EMR and healthcare products; data analytics/navigation for clinical trials; specialty pharma; mouse models for diabetes; UV/LED for water purification and medical disinfection.
  • Co-development with a leading materials supplier for adhesive technology for a vascular OTC product.
  • Set up global distribution channels, OEM alliances and FDA approval of high-end ENT/balance equipment (diagnostic and therapeutic).
  • Sale of 142-patent portfolio (57 in healthcare) to multiple global corporations.
  • License of biologic material technology for manufacturing products used in spinal/orthopedic implants and bone growth factor applications.
  • Co-development with leading ultrasound and medical imaging companies for uls probe for novice users of portable ultrasound and military field applications.
  • Distribution and partnering with pharmaceutical and clinical testing companies for garments populated with multiple sensors for healthcare monitoring.


  • Co-development and license of medical device software and technology (respiratory & nitric oxide stimulator) to a leading supplier of hospital and monitoring equipment.
  • Marketing alliances, co-development, funding and acquisition of a leading healthcare jobs Internet portal.
  • License, co-development and funding of gene transfer technology and genetic test equipment.
  • Scouting, due diligence and deal closure for angel investment in later-stage biotech companies.
  • Assist large healthcare company looking to acquire several $5-25 M revenue companies in wound care & emergency care.
  • Co-development, market research, funding, in-kind support, licensing and distribution of a novel 510(k) medical device for venous disease by major pharma and medical products companies.
  • Commercialization and license strategy for non-invasive device that predicts circulatory conditions (arterial disease, heart failure, and diabetes).
  • Sale of 21-patent portfolio for 3D displays to 3 global manufacturers; including biopharma apps.
  • License of sun care products technology by a leading natural products supplier (involving FDA and medical claims issues, skin tissue chemistry, formulations for skin-care technology).
  • Commercialization strategy for a photocatalytic anti-microbial agent for dermatologic treatment.
  • Co-development, and pursuit of license, manufacturing and distribution of ultrasound accessories (vascular needle guides) with leading imaging equipment OEMs.
  • License of human performance enhancing beverage to a leading consumer goods company.