Deliverables & Milestones

In taking risks alongside you to align mutual goals, the bulk of the money that PreFlight Ventures earns occurs after we are successful in making corporate partner deals happen.

We increase the probability of a deal happening, at higher value, and sooner… and we make sure it’s a “smart” deal that holds the partner accountable while allowing you options and wildcard upside $$.

Although PreFlight Ventures’ focused goal is to sign up corporate partners, we also help you in your entire business through expert advice, coaching and contacts.

We cover our own expenses (other than pre-approved travel).

Progress Milestones  -  The CP process involves 3 phases with ongoing checkpoints:

Phase 1   Develop strategy.  Identify target corporate partners and generate CP Map.  Gather feedback, build relationships, market oppt’y/data, product requirements, strategic need, competition, implementation issues, likelihood of a fit/deal, hurdles (economic, technical, market), and possible deal structures.

Phase 2   Drive “Path to a Deal.”  Engage CPs in due diligence & qualification; define application(s) & value and “Path to a Product”; deal structure options; decision process (evaluation steps, decision makers, budget).  Generate Deal Sheets.

Phase 3   Deal Execution.  Negotiate final deal/term sheet; CP due diligence; legal; definitive agreement.

Progress Reviews  

On an ongoing basis, we reassess with you whether our agreement should be modified based upon the progress, market feedback, our working relationship, and the time/workload required to execute the CP work.