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The “new normal” for business due to the global economy has forever changed the landscape for venture companies.  These tougher challenges make Corporate Partners even more critical:

Very difficult to raise investor funding / Investors want to see a CP program and 1-2 CPs in play /
Noisy crowded markets to get customer attention / Long sales cycles / Distribution & marketing costs /
Brand name and longevity as a supplier required by customers / Regulatory hurdles /
Faster technology obsolescence / Cost & delays to educate markets about innovative technology.

PreFlight Ventures increases the probability of a deal happening, at higher value, and sooner… and we make sure it’s a “smart” deal that holds the partner accountable while allowing you options and wildcard upside $$.

Although PreFlight Ventures’ focused goal is to sign up corporate partners, we also help you in your entire business through expert advice, coaching and contacts.

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> What to Expect when you work with PreFlight Ventures

> What You get from Corporate Partners

- non dilutive cash (secure & leverage your investment)

- accelerate your technology/product to market (preempt competition)

- distribution channels & manufacturing

- R&D flexibility and lower risk

- exit path via acquisition