Institutional Venture Capital has undergone major changes.  Angel investors have assumed the key funding role in early-stage ventures, as they are increasingly sophisticated and often syndicate to generate $2-5 M in capital.

However, angels are tired of continuous equity dilution and missed milestones.  They have learned the hard way that getting the product to market has to be the focus.  The best way to do that is via corporate partners, the #1 success factor for any tech venture.

In addition, with acquisition being the exit path 99.5% of the time (vs. IPO), PreFlight Ventures helps set the stage and ramps up value by building relationships with prospective acquirors through strategic alliances.

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Extra Value for Investors:

In addition to helping your portfolio ventures sign up corporate partners, PreFlight Ventures can help you conduct due diligence on one the most critical criteria for whether you should invest or not:

♦  How strong is the venture’s CP program/plan?
♦  How real are “interested” CPs, and What is the path to a deal?
♦  What other companies are target partners, and What do they think?

PreFlight Ventures can also provide you quality deal flow as well as connections to other angels and angel groups for $$ syndication (nationwide).